Welcome to TRue Echoes. We provide quality live sax music for parties and other events.

Welcome to our web site, we hope you enjoy your visit. There are five pages on this site (see the links above):

1. Home page: This page shows what live music, especially a good saxophone player and solo musician, can do for your next entertainment event.

2. Sample Music page: This page showcases a complete playlist of TRue Echoes. Some songs in this list have sample recordings. The songs used at your event will be chosen from this list, unless agreed upon requests are made. Also, this page allows you to add a comment. New songs will be added as they are learned and recordings will be added as they are recorded, so check out this site often to check out the new recordings.

3. About page: This page gives a brief biography of TRue Echoes' experience as a sax player and solo musician for various musical events.

4. Review page: This page allows TRue Echoes' clients to make a short review of the event where it was hired to provide a sax player and solo musician.

5. Contact page: This page is where one goes if you need live music, especially a sax player and solo musician, at your next event. Fill out as many fields as you can and TRue Echoes will get back to you within 24 hours with a fee quote.

TRue Echoes is smooth jazz saxophonist Tony Rue. TRue Echoes combines Tony Rue's God-given, world class talent and years of experience with professionally recorded accompaniment to achieve a crisp, full band sound. It is our goal to provide quality live music, i.e., live saxophone music, for any entertainment event throughout the greater Los Angeles area of Southern California including the Inland Empire.

Without live music a wedding, party or event would seem pretty empty. Professional musicians lend an air of class and elegance to the event and will keep the guests entertained all night long. Think about it, a live musician (not some pre-recorded music from a CD) performs their own rendition of great songs - nothing is more special than music performed live. The same goes for other types of special events, live music, such as birthday music, party music or dinner music will keep the crowd coming back for more all night long.

Of all types of entertainment music saxophone music is one of the most popular forms of live music for events. A saxophone played by a professional sax player, such as Tony Rue, has a special sound all unto it's own that creates a feeling no other instrument can - a smooth, sultry and soulful sound. A talented saxophone player like Tony can take any style of music and give it a special twist to suit their own instrument. Tony Rue is that sax player!

Sax player and solo musician, Tony Rue, has provided quality live sax music to the Inland Empire of the greater Los Angeles area of Southern California (including counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino) since 1995. Among Southern California sax players, our clients say Tony is the best sax player for this kind of venue that they have ever heard. Other saxophone players have limited flexibility, but we do our best to be flexible as we serve our clients' needs, for instance, if there are special needs, such as, particular songs or working with a DJ, we will do our best to meet those needs. We have done this at hundreds of events. Tony has provided live music as a solo musician and sax player at events all over the greater Los Angeles area of Southern California that have included holiday parties, corporate events, church worship services, church socials, karaoke DJ events, weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, baby showers, family parties and other party events.

We specialize in fun, elegant, unique, romantic and professional events, including live wedding music and live party music, featuring the best live saxophone player and solo musician around! We have performed at and have been invited back to many elegant venues all over the Inland Empire and the greater Los Angeles area of Southern California! So, if your next event requires live music, especially, a live sax player who knows what music to play and when to pump up or drop the volume, Tony Rue is that saxophone player!

Our music library is very inclusive and contains your favorite’s tunes from the 1940's through today's hits, e.g., smooth jazz, big band, blues, R&B, 50s & 60s oldies. When it's time for your next event and you're looking for live music, i.e., the best saxophone player and solo musician at an affordable price, for your wedding or party, let Tony Rue, the sax player, be a part of the event and we will help to make it an event to remember!

For payment we accept cash or for your convenience we also accept all major credit cards.